7 Minute Mindfulness Review and 6 Incredible Health Benefits of Mindfulness

So, I was checking around today trying to find some content to review or worthy enough to put on this site. Something, that I feel would truly benefit my readers. Just recently, my other half was talking about wanting to really learn meditation better, but under his circumstance he has really limited time. When I came across this program today, I was like man if it is everything it says it is, this will be perfect for him. I’m usually a skeptic to e-books and programs you download and anything that says, but wait there’s more LOL. But, it was staring at me right in front of my face. So, I gave in and bought the $17.00 version which is 7 Days of 7 Minutes audio that you can download on your phone, tablet, computer whatever you are capable of downloading on and be able to use whenever and wherever you want. 

I’ve listened to two of the audios so far, skimmed through some of the e-books and read a few articles the creator of this brilliant program wrote. It does go right along what I’ve wanted to offer here. It does not conflict in any of the ideas that I subscribe to. I also believe, it is simple enough to follow for someone who has not done a lot of research in spirituality, yoga, or the teacher’s I have introduced here. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it makes sense. And, normally I would be telling you or thinking to myself, well there’s plenty of free videos out there that has this material on them. Well, yes there is, but there’s also commercials and needing an internet connection whenever you want them. This is in a format, you can download and go back to it anytime you want. Which means internet is out, or you are away from your internet connection, you can go straight to your meditation. Anytime, you have a full 7 minutes of quiet time to spare you can meditate. 

I think this is perfect for people on the go, or living a very hectic lifestyle. Someone, who doesn’t have a set schedule and can’t pencil in meditation time. It’s also good to do in the middle of the day just to refocus and get your day started off again. So, do I recommend this service? I would say yes, and I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating… Only reason I didn’t give it a 10, is I usually don’t pay for anything and I am a tight wad. It’s not free, but it is useful and I believe it will help a lot of people. But, you can decide for yourself if you like or not. 

The only difference I would say is I would call mindfulness, mindlessness but that’s just my preference.

Here’s the Article I Promised by the Creator of 7 Minute Mindfulness


6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Mindfulness

By Greg Thurston

Creator of Seven Minute Mindfulness

“Mindfulness” is a bit of a buzz word right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should discredit it. Being mindful is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind!

But you might not be sure what it is. Is mindfulness just being more aware? Or does it mean clearing your mind?

Being mindful, in one sense, is like simplifying things. Normally we try to multitask all day, worrying about 20 things while doing 10. That doesn’t work too well.

Being mindful means focusing on the present moment. Being fully here. It allows you to attend to what’s going on right around you and inside you. So it simplifies things because you can just enjoy the present moment.

You can mediate to be more mindful, and you can practice it throughout your day. Whatever you’re doing, give it all of your attention. Be proactive about putting down your other worries and being present in what you’re doing and who you’re with.

To experience the ultimate feelings of inner calm and presence, I highly recommend that you follow this link…

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You’ll gain inner peace, happiness and feel ‘uncluttered’ in your life.

Mindfulness a gift that we don’t give to ourselves much. In fact, our society teaches that we should be getting as much done as possible all the time, which leads to burnout, stress, health problems, and lower productivity.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, offers the opposite, so let’s take a look at all the benefits of mindfulness.

1. Mindfulness reduces stress

Let’s start with the biggie. In today’s world, we really battle stress from all sides.

If we carry around all the things we have to worry about, our mind never gets a break. That’s why so many people are completely burned out, feeling down, and stressed to the point of panic attacks or needing medication.

This kind of worrying steals away any chance of joy or relaxation in our day. You probably know how it goes: you’re sitting at your desk at work, stressed about a deadline, and also about a disagreement with your partner, and some tension you’re feeling with a coworker, and the company party you’re supposed to attend tonight…

Constantly carrying all of these things and feeling continued stress leads to:

  • Restless sleep
  • A racing mind
  • Low energy
  • Feeling irritable
  • Feeling defensive
  • Getting angry easier
  • Panic attacks
  • Constant panic
  • Headaches, body aches, migraines
  • Jaw pain from clenching teeth
  • Tight shoulders and back pain
  • Depression

As you can see, trying to keep everything on your mind leads to all kinds of problems, resulting in lower productivity and even worse things.

We might even feel guilty if we forget to worry about something. Do you ever do that? You’ll finally get absorbed in something and it feels really nice, but then you remember all the things that aren’t resolved, and you feel guilty for letting yourself have a few minutes.

But you need those minutes!

Being mindful and present will allow you to get absorbed in what you’re doing, give it your full attention so you can do better, and you’ll feel more clear and mentally energized.

Your body and brain wasn’t made to handle constant stress. It’s so much healthier to be present and put aside the other pressing thoughts.

Challenge yourself to be mindful in one activity a day: a walk, mediation, making a craft, writing, drawing, singing, or something else you enjoy.

See how it feels to let yourself be fully present with that one thing and not having thoughts about anything else. And then see how you feel the rest of the day.

Click Here To Discover 7 Minute Mindfulness

2. Mindfulness creates better health

Being mindful and present lowers our stress levels and also centers us, bringing many health benefits.

You might notice that you’re calmer after practicing mindfulness, your head feels more clear and focused, you’re more productive, and more alert.

Being mindful greatly benefits your mind, and that in turn benefits your body and overall health.

People who practice being mindful have higher brain function, an increased immune function, lower blood pressure, lower anxiety levels, and are more calm.

We’ve heard this for years, but experts were talking about meditation and yoga. Both of those are ways to be mindful!

3. Mindfulness decreases depression symptoms

When you decrease stress and improve your health, that can help with depression.

Mindfulness does that and more. It’s been considered an effective part of overall depression treatment for a long time.

Being mindful often helps people see and acknowledge their feelings, and that leads to better coping. Being mindful and let you say, “I see that I’m feeling that way, and that’s okay.”

Being mindful engages the observant self, so you can notice how you’re feeling, and what you’re thinking, but not get completely sucked into those feelings. You can step back and analyze the situation better.

4. Mindfulness increases Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is one of those fun words (in my opinion) that show you what they mean. Neuro, or brain, plus plasticity, or being flexible.

Think about how plastic can be soft and pliable.

Being mindful helps your brain increase its ability to change and adapt, which is pretty important to our survival even though we’re not back in the caveman era.

In a simple sense, neuroplasticity refers to how our brain grows, learns, and changes. When we change our mind or learn new things, we actually make new pathways.

But this has bigger scientific implications. When someone has a stroke and has to relearn how to walk, they’re actually learning how to re-circuit their brain around the damaged area.

Imagine how much stronger your brain will be if you practice mindfulness and therefore improve neuroplasticity. That’s a huge advantage for dealing with all of life’s curves and for any brain damage you might suffer.

5. Mindfulness helps you deal with illness

Studies have found that mindfulness helps people with cancer and people with chronic illness-even terminal illness.

I can see why being in the moment more would help someone enjoy life day by day. Research has found that mindfulness helps cancer patients reduce stress while relieving fatigue.

For many, mindfulness increases our spirituality and sense of purpose, and it helps people handle their emotions regarding their illness.

Mindfulness can greatly improve life for people with chronic pain, such as low back pain. It helps patients focus on something other than the pain.

6. Mindfulness helps recovery

We’ve seen all the ways mindfulness benefits our mental and emotional health. It also helps us physically when we need to recover from illness.

This is probably due to all the other benefits of being mindful.

We have better focus, we’re less stressed, we feel more at peace, and so we’re happier.

We’ve talked about some big areas where mindfulness helps. To zoom in a bit, here’s a list of more specific ways that being mindful improves our lives:


  • Better mental health
  • Less stress at work
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Less problems with alcohol and drugs
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Better performance at school and work
  • Better relationships
  • Better self awareness
  • Less burnout
  • Better able to cope with ups and downs
  • More resilience

We’re just healthier when we’re more mindful, because people aren’t really made to multitask 5 things all day long and always worry.

We can benefit from slowing down and enjoying the present moment. Why let other things detract from what you’re doing? You can give those other things your attention in due time.

For the ULTIMATE experience of mindfulness, I highly recommend that you check out 7 Minute Mindfulness 

This method will make your mind as calm as water…

I’m talking about a method that will allow you to sink into relaxation, and feel abundantly positive and happy within minutes…

It will fill your life with joy and satisfaction…

And teach you how to easily defeat any life problems that you may be facing.

And it only takes 7 minutes!

Follow this link: 7 Minute Mindfulness 



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Sara Storey


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing these six benefits of mindfulness. As an individual, I am currently in a phase of my life where I encounter unhealthy amounts of stress on a daily basis. Being unable to set time for regular exercise, I believe practicing meditation or mindfulness will help to rid my body of many of the detrimental effects of excessive stress.

    I hardly find time to concentrate on reading anything not related to my work. I am happy that the creators of The 7 Minute Mindfulness thought it wise to create an audio version. In that way, I can read it on the go.

    • Yes, the audios are actually mp3’s you can also download if you like and they are walked through guided meditations, that only take up 7 minutes of your day. It’s a very good way of hitting the reset button in our minds and to regain our thoughts and our emotions as well as we are our experiencing our daily lives. Thank you for your comment, and have a Blissed Day.

  2. Hi blissed mind,
    Enjoyed your topic a lot, I was not aware of all the benefits of mindfulness. Since my brain will never stop and  I can hardly sleep at night, maybe I will give this a try.

    However, I was not clear on what happens after the 7 days is over, do we start over or are they follow up that we have to pay for. I understand that there is quite a bit of information given is it enough to keep going?

    • Included in the package are also some really nice e-books you can read as well that teaches more on the subject. The 7 days are mp3’s for each day of the week and are guided meditations that last 7 minutes. After the 7 Days you can pick which one works best for you and use daily. The makers of the 7 Days also has courses you can sign up for as well, and other material at an extra cost if it is something you want to dive into further. Thank you for your questions and comments and have a very blissed day.

  3. This is great advice! Very honest and practical. I really enjoyed this post. Nice post! These tips may help procrastinators. My favorite work advice. Thanks so much for a detailed post! Your post is helpful to avoid the racing mind. Yes, I agreed
    Being mindful means focusing on the present moment. Being fully here. It allows you to attend to what’s going on right around you and inside you. So it simplifies things because you can just enjoy the present moment. I can testify that whenever I mediate I become more mindful, so I do practice it everyday. We contains mind spirit and body and if our mind is not in right state, good health of is not guarantee. Mindfulness reduces stress and improve good health. Helpful article indeed!

  4. I can talk about this all day.

    there are so many benefits of mindfulness, I have come to realize.

    Also about a week after I started practicing meditation, I woke up in the morning feeling so happy and more clear-minded than I have ever been.

    there worries can be too much if we leave our mind on autopilot.

    Funny but so true, we sometimes worry about the things we forgot to worry about.

    my decision to begin meditation roots from the health issues which really reduced my productivity, health issue which could not be diagnosed by any doctor.

    So since Google has always being a faithful informant, I decided to do some research on my symptoms and realized my symptoms were a sign of severe stress. 

    So I  googled the solutions and among so many others like a healthy diet, exercising, mindfulness was strongly recommended.

    Since then i can’t sing about it enough.

    Needless to say, I am happy I came across you site.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments, and I hope you can get to a place of total Bliss in your life. Please enjoy checking out some of my other posts and the wonderful spiritual teachers I have posted on there as well. They have really turned my life around, and I am a totally new person before discovering them. This website is a shout out to the world that we can be happy within ourselves no matter what is going on outside of ourselves. Be Blissed and Blessed. Thanks again!

  5. I have a different idea of what I think mindfulness is before now. However, I’m always willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn to be a better person. With this post, you have explained to me what mindfulness is and the benefits of being mindful. mindfulness indeed has lots of benefits, from my own experience, being mindful helps you to also evaluate my actions based on my goals. This like you mention helps me stay focused. I would download the 7 minutes mindfulness audio to learn more

    • Thank you very much for comment. I tend to call meditation my way of going into Mindlessness as I aim at keeping my mind clear of all the chatter that tends to be negative, but both words work well. Thanks again, and have a blissed day.

  6. I was very excited to read this article because it is right up my alley, so to speak. I meditate, do yoga, and love to read books about spiritual guidance (especially Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra).

    This looks very interesting to me, because like most people today, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to meditation. Is this an audiotape with the binaural beats that I’ve read about? I think even I could spare 7 minutes for some peace and Enlightenment. Thank you sharing this.


    • These are Mp3’s you can listen to on your computer once you purchase the program or download onto your devices. So you can take them anywhere you go. They are walk through or guided meditations that last 7 minutes, and do a good job of getting you to focus on your breathing and relaxing. They also offer for a higher price The CD Set that will be delivered to you as well if you wanted an actual hard copy. 

      I just recently started watching Deepak Chopra the other night, as I have seen him together with Sadhguru on a few videos I watched. So the other night, I decided to give him a listen as well. His scientific approach on using science to explain something that is technically illogical is absolutely ingenious. I also liked how he described how we are actually in the consciousness rather than the consciousness is inside of us. That resonates to me as making much more sense. 

      Thank you so much for your comment and views. Have a Blissed Day

  7. Yes, it is true that there is too much stress in the environment that we are in, and all the multi-tasking environment. It is essential to learn how to reject and who to reject, otherwise the stress level will continue to grow.

    As what the author mention, timeout to do some otherthings that is out of the current activities, is one of the way that will help ones to refresh the mind and subsequently continue to strife for a better result in the same field.

    If depression, stress still continue to build up after all the change in yourself, then re-think of current working environment is it totally unsuitable for you and think of changing your environment. Getting a new jobs or new career, then work towards a better living, life is short, it might not be worth for one to clinch on a jobs that affect the health and living quality in long run, just because of the pay it provides.

    • That is very true, and why we started Blissed Minds. Part of the problems with our minds is that we allow it to control us instead of us having control over it. With that it bleeds into our entire lives. In a simple way of putting it, we are creating our own destiny by exactly what you said the “clinch”. Not just on jobs but on a lot of our daily lives as well. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  8. Wow..nice and well detailed article..

    thank you for this exposition on mindfulness, You have reallly enlightened me more with this article and am also looking forward to benefit from the 7 minutes mindfulness audio and how i can get the pdf file also…i will also share this with a friend and will love to see more of this..thank you 

    • Thank you for your lovely comments, and I hope your friend will enjoy this as well. Much blessings and blissfulness to you. 

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