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A couple of days ago, I signed up to Feedspot. It’s a place where you can get information relative to your website, and they will help you create a widget so you can place it on your site. I knew they had the special spiritual leaders I have been telling you about, and I wanted to put their RSS Feed on this site. You can see the feed on every page on the right-hand side of the posts or page.

Why Put RSS Feed Up For Sites Other Than My Own?

I wanted to give you a place to where you can find exactly what you are looking for when you search for having a Blissed Mind. I do not make any money posting the feed here, it was just for you my readers. I did sign up to the marketing portion of Feedspot, because I was hoping to utilize a few options they offered, but I didn’t expect what happened next.

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What I Found in My Email

I found an incredible email from the people of Feedspot. Letting me know they featured this blog has one of the Top Spiritual Blogs. You can find us here


as well as you can find several other really awesome spiritual blogs. I really wasn’t expecting to be treated so kindly and to have this kind of exposure. My heart is filled with Gratitude.

A Special Thank You, Feedspot

So, a special thank you to Feedspot and Anuj (who sent me the email). I am very grateful for you posting our website there with the greats, and very grateful to have such a personal email and not just some autoresponder email. It truly warms my heart.

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To All Bloggers and Those Who Love to Follow Blogs

I highly recommend Feedspot for being in contact with me so quickly, and who really want to help give websites exposure without charging an arm and a leg. They don’t only have spiritual blogs, they have other blogs as well and if you happen to be a blogger or website owner, I highly recommend you check them out.

If you aren’t a blogger, but you love fascinating feed then I still recommend you check them out. So, thank you Anuj and Feedspot for everything that you do.

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