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Wealthy Affiliate Lessons

I had mentioned in a previous post, that part of my Blissful Mind was being able to learn how to develop this website, and to succeed to a Blissful Financial Situation. I have gotten to a point in my lessons that is teaching me how to promote the Jaaxy Web Tool. Although, my niche, which is getting to a Blissed Mind isn’t exactly the type of Blog you would be looking for a website building tool. If this annoys you or if you find it inappropriate, I do apologize. However, to get to my state of Blissness and pursue what I am devoted to, what better way to show my readers I practice what I talk about?

Part of Training with Wealthy Affiliate

As I was saying, I am in the part of the training with Wealthy Affiliate that is teaching me how to promote affiliate links and in this case, it is our Jaaxy Account. Which if, you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will get a free account with Jaaxy that helps you promote your website by letting you research how well certain keywords are doing. But first, I’ll show you where I’m at right now in my training. You can also click the picture to go to Wealthy Affiliate’s training page.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Jaaxy What Is It, Why Is Important to Blissed Mind?


Jaaxy is one of the most powerful keyword research suite on the market and it also has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs.

It allows you to find keywords relative to your niche or website, and also track how well your keywords are working and where you are indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Jaaxy Showing Ranking



Blissed Mind Thank You for Sticking Around

I know this isn’t the typical subject you would come to this blog for, but if you are in the website industry or just curious as to what goes on in the background of making a website this is a pretty cool sneak peek at one of the things that go on in the background.

I’ve learned there’s a lot more that goes into building a simple website the right way than I originally thought. But, with Wealthy Affiliate, they have taught me so much and they have shown me the right way including how to use Jaaxy to the upmost fullest.

Thank you for hanging around and learning with me today. May you be blissfully blessed in anything in pursue.

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