Being Nothingness

To some people this post title may sound a bit depressing. When in reality, nothingness is truly awesome. When, you realize or understand the concept of nothingness then you understand how you can make your life full of blissfulness. So let’s dive right in.


What is Nothingness?

“Nothingness” is a philosophical term that denotes the general state of nonexistence, sometimes defined as a dimension into which things pass when they cease to exist or out of which they may come to exist. I will try to elaborate to the best my ability.


In a Moment of Time

In previous posts, I have talked about the power or now or better yet that nothing is real other than the moment we are experiencing right at this moment. That moment is less than a blink of an eye. Once that blink is over then it is the past, and anything that occurred in the past does not exist in this moment of now.

Let’s look ahead of that blink. Does that exist? No, it hasn’t gotten here yet so therefore it does not exist either. It isn’t real.

This is the best example of nothingness, if the past doesn’t exist and the future doesn’t exist then only that blink which is faster than you can blink your eye possibly exists or does it?


When We Remove Who We Are Not

In previous posts, I have also gone into who we are, or who we are not. We are not our thoughts, although they belong to us. We are not our bodies, though they belong to us. So, who are we. We are the perceiver of all the things we are perceiving. Can you see that perceiver, that perceives the whole world? No, you can only see what the perceiver is perceiving you can not see the perceiver itself. That perceiver is consciousness. You are consciousness, I am consciousness, the whole world the whole universe, you get the picture is consciousness. But, you can’t see it.

So, lets observe something for a moment. Say you are on a computer right now reading this post, or maybe you are on cellphone, tablet, laptop, or whatever. The space in between your eyes and the object you are reading this on. What is that? It is nothing right? The space in between each planet what is that? Nothing. The space in between in each galaxy what is that? Nothing. Yet everything only exist in that nothingness. Without nothingness or the consciousness that which you can not see we would not be able to perceive.

So, theoretically consciousness is nothingness. Which makes us Nothingness, which makes everything nothingness. So what does that mean?


In Nothingness Everything and Anything are Possible

When, you are nothingness, you are consciousness and vice verse. If the whole existence of everything is nothingness, doesn’t that make you a creator of everything as well? When, you realize you are the creator of your entire existence then you will see what you can perceive you can create. That is abundance. Only out of nothing is abundance possible. And if nothingness is limitless and goes on indefinitely. That also makes you limitless and possible of creating whatever reality you desire.

I have touched on this on probably a more simplistic way in my post You Are What You Think.

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This Post Was About Nothing

In your reality, you saw the words on this post and it was all about nothingness. So in our perception this entire post was real. In that, nothingness is real. So, one can say nothing is reality or reality is nothingness and both would be right. How, did I come up with the idea talk about this today? I was wondering what I would write about today I had nothing. Then thought I have nothing, and it was the perfect thing to talk about. Even if you can not grasp the concept of nothingness, and even thought this post came from nothingness itself (you can’t see my thoughts, can you?) You still were able to read this post. Why? Because my thoughts came from nothingness, my thoughts are nothingness, and I created this post as the creator.

Now, you can explore what you can create with the ultimate power of nothingness. Until next time, be blissfully blessed. There’s nothing to stress about.


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Sara Storey


  1. It took me some few minutes to grasp the concept of this post and after some thinking in trying to come to an understanding about the nothingness, I think I finall got it at least to some extent. Everything is created out of nothing and without nothing, everything would not exist. We have the ability to create something from nothing. It does not matter what currently exist now because they all came from nothing. Even the world we live in came from nothing.

    Anything can be created from nothing. As long as it is in our thoughts we can definitely bring it to reality.

    • Hi Jay,

      I think you got it perfectly. You brilliantly got something out of the nothing. I enjoy creating post that make people think a little deeper than most ordinarily do. I will also let you in on a little secret. I wrote this post when I couldn’t come up with “nothing”. I was thinking to myself what am I going to write about today in spirituality. It was one of those days I couldn’t come up “nothing”. 

      So, I also came up with something out of “nothing” LOL

      Be blissfully blessed and keep creating


  2. Sara,
    I must tell you, that I love this topic, I get goosebombs everytime I realize that the future is just a concept, I mean it does not exist! The only thing we have is now, and that has recently went away just like that.  

    I also meditate a lot, because, as you said, the only thing that we do at meditation is think of nothingness. That’s crazy!

    However, I don’t think this topic is depressing, as you mentioned at the start. I think it will create more awereness to anyone who reads it.



    • Hi Stefano,

      I appreciate your beautiful comment. It is only depressing to those who have not awakened themselves in the possibility. Their mind tells them that nothingness is scary etc. But, to those of us who have opened our awareness it is such a beautiful no-thing. Thanks again for your comment.


  3. Hey Sara,

    This is a highly thoughtful article. I really liked the way you think. I am glad that I got the chance of reading your article. Nowdays people are so busy making money and power. They do not think of having the real pleasure which can be gained through contenting thyself with less. Because being nothingness has a great value by itself. And so those pleasures can be achieved by adapting your thoughts.

    Thank you for this awesome article.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Can you imagine the world if everyone woke up? There would be no where near the stress or hatred as we have now.

      Thanks again,


  4. Wow. This website blows my mind away. It goes very in-depth into topics of realities, the conscious and subconscious mind and alternative states of mind that very few people can grasp.  A website I probably would never have thought to visit bt am glad I am able to review here. The topics are all to help improve one’s way of thinking, understanding how perception works and why each person views understanding perception differently. 

    How successful can one be in understanding the 11 laws of reality? Have you had viewers that share actual testimony on how they use these realities to reach their perception of what a “blissed mind” is all about?

    I am fairly new to this concept and not altogether certain it is something I want to delve into further as I’m still developing my own “renewed” thoughts and patterns to become a better version of myself. But I still think this is a fascinating website that shares not only tutorials about topics relating to this site (on becoming a blissed mind) but also book reviews on subject matter I have yet to expand my learning. Thank you for creating this website – it has turned my traditional way of thinking upside down!

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment. Total blissfulness is a destination that takes some work to get there, especially if you have had a lot of programming or trauma in your life but it is possible. So, I have not have had any testimonies yet of someone who has reached complete blissfulness. I have reached the place of bliss, there are only a few things that occur that has disrupted my blissful state.

      Bliss is like having joy in your whole spirit regardless of what happens in life. At a later time, probably soon, I will go into what bliss really is. You can have joy and still experience grief and other emotions depending on what occurs, but you do not let what occurs change who you are. Which is deeper than our thoughts and our emotions. I have said I am almost there, but I am still working on purging some of the old me out, so I can have an empty vessel to store what I wish to store inside of me and not what I do not 🙂 

      Thanks again for your comment,


  5. It’s a nice pun when writing about nothing 🙂 Joke aside, I need to read it thoroughly to grasp the concept of nothingness. It’s an abstract concept that is easy yet hard to understand. We come from nothing and return to nothing, and we hold the power to create something from the nothing. It’s actually something that I may need to spare some time to think about and understand myself. Thank you for writing this.

    • Thank you Alblue,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, without nothingness there would not even be a place for anything to be created. But, since there is we are able to use it to create what we wish would come to us. And, yes I actually had nothing to write, writer’s block when it occurred to me hey that’s a perfect topic. 

      May you be blissfully blessed


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