Can I Control My Thoughts?

In this post, I’m going to go into the second teacher that entered my life. If you read my previous post, The Path to Bliss Fired Up in May 2018, you read that my friend recommended two teacher spiritual leaders that would not steer me wrong, Eckhart Tolle and Mooji. After a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, I thought I was really getting a hang of not letting that pesky mind go into its tantrums. I thought I started to really get it under control. Then a few things happened in my life that triggered that silly thing called my mind to just start up again, and for some reason I could not get back to where I had work hard to get to. I still had questions, and I was finding it really hard to shut that mind up. Like won’t it stop already? So, I remembered my friend mentioning Mooji. So let me take this opportunity to tell you about Mooji as well.

Can I Control My Thoughts?

Short answer is no. Long answer is yes. To answer that question, you must first realize your thoughts are NOT you. That can be a hard idea to handle especially where your ego is concerned, but we will get into ego in a just a moment. Let’s take a look at that question again “Can I Control My Thoughts?”. Let’s pretend we are in grammar class for a minute and we are breaking down what that question is asking. Who is wanting to do the action word here? In this case the action word is control. Who is wanting to control? The answer would be “I”. I want to do the controlling. What is it that I want to control? Thoughts, right? So, I’m wanting to control thoughts, but whose thoughts? That would be “MY” Thoughts. Oh, so the thoughts belong to someone in this case they belong to me. So, if something belongs to you then that’s not you correct? We know in grammar belonging words and belonging words aren’t the person its just something that person has or has obtained. So if thoughts aren’t you, then who are you? This clearly shows you are NOT your thoughts. Once you realize this, then you can realize you are perceiving your thoughts. Can you always stop them? No, but you can acknowledge and be conscious of them and once you do that then you can give them no attention. When you give something no attention, don’t that something normally quit asking for attention when it no longer works? How many times were we taught as children to ignore someone picking on us, and then they would stop picking on us if we just ignored them? Here is a good video on Mooji demonstrating who is doing the perceiving of our own minds.

What is Your Ego?

I mentioned earlier, I would go into ego so I will touch on this subject briefly today. There’s many definitions of ego. Some people think of ego as someone who is just full of themselves or think highly of themselves. That is not the definition I am going with today. In this case, we are calling ego as us as a person or you can look at it as your mind is your ego. In this instance, we are trying to control our thoughts or at least make them behave the way we want them to. Or, maybe an even better way of saying it, we don’t want our minds to control us anymore. So, in order to get our minds not to control us then we are going to have to let go of our ego (not Eggo, you better not touch my Eggo! LOL). Our Ego is our personality, our labels, what we identify with, and especially our thoughts. Once again, whatever is ours can not be us. Whatever is mine, can’t be me. If this all sounds confusing to you, then I highly recommend you listening to this video about Mooji.

Mind and Consciousness

When you start diving into studying about your mind, and you start practicing not letting it control you anymore. When you start letting go of your virtual baggage so to speak. When you let go of your prejudice and that your ideas are the only ones that can be right,  you will start opening  the path to Consciousness. Then you will start becoming a spiritual person and you may decide you are happy enough in this state, or you may decide to pursue what more is there. What is consciousness? Are we one or individuals? You may start asking and seeking many more questions like Who Am I? This is what is called being a seeker or awakening. This is the journey I am on, please join me.

What’s next?

My next post is going to the next teacher and the current teacher I really follow at this time in my life. I’ve been following him a few months now. But, until my next post I hope you will watch and enjoy what Mooji has to say, and see why that loving spirit really resonated with me. His love and compassion is true and sincere, as well as his followers. We are blessed to have him in our lives during our lifetime. Until next time, Be Blessed!

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