How Wealthy Affiliate Contributes to My Blissful State of Mind

I really contemplated on if I wanted to post this article or not. I was thinking to myself is this too cheesy to post right away after just creating this website that is supposed to focus on how to get to having a Blissed Mind. This is a spiritual website after all, do I really want to go in on the making money aspect of this website. Do I want to be that transparent? Do I want to be that obvious that I am trying to go into a business while sharing how to get into a state of happiness that is indescribable. Is this something that Blissed Mind represents? Will they think I’m just doing this to make money? Will they think I’m only doing this site to capitalize off the Affiliate program I’m a member of? Since you are reading this article, then I answered myself…. YES! Yes, I want to share with you my current experience because this experience is completely related to my own personal Blissed Mind.

Why I am posting about Wealthy Affiliate right now?

This one is pretty simple to answer. I am doing training courses learning how to build this website. It is also teaching me how to reach people like yourself so that my information and the knowledge I wish to share with you, and the sources I’d love to share with you, gets to you. It’s because of Wealthy Affiliate that I will be able to follow my passion, What I want to experience in this life that are most important without having to just live life. I will be able to experience life and help others experience life. Anyone, can just live. You are breathing right now, your heart is beating, your organs are working all completely unconsciously you are alive. But, experiencing life is something entirely different. I said all that to get to I’m at the point in my training where it asks me to post a review on Wealthy Affiliate to teach me how to do that, and I felt if I am going to do this and go after my dream then I should do just that, exactly what their wonderful training program tells me to do.

You can see by clicking here, the Wealthy Affiliate training program I am doing.


I mentioned earlier, “Do I want to be that Transparent?” That should have been a no-brainer. Everyone is asking for more transparency from their religious leaders to politics. What makes me any different? You wouldn’t trust me to provide you valid good information if I didn’t show you that I am real. I am very real. I eat, breathe, got bills and need to eat just like anyone else. Like most of you I have to decide rather or not to spend all day every day going to a JOB and being a robot. Sadhguru (the guru I personally listen to the most and who has taught me so much about myself) says “anyone can make a living” every creature makes a living from ant, grasshopper, even a tree. They do what they need only to survive. But, as human beings, we are meant to do so much more than just survive. What would be the purpose of our brains and mind if all we were going to do is survive. So whatever you do, shouldn’t it be something that provides you happiness. Shouldn’t we be doing something more meaningful for ourselves, than just surviving. That’s when I got to thinking about sharing information that leads to a Blissed Mind. I was also thinking, right now I have no income and I honestly got a lot of crazy things going on in my life right now, and I need to be making money. Money – that word should be a four letter word instead of 5, but it is a necessity. Well, I went looking for working at home opportunities, which lead me getting an email on get rich scheme, which lead me into doing a google search to see if it was a scam. Turns out it was and I found out through a website called something to the effect of Unguru (I took that as a sign by the way), which also directed me to Wealthy Affiliate for a real opportunity that will take long hours and dedication building my own website and marketing it. Well, of course I did because I already had my site name picked out before I even knew about Wealthy Affiliate.

Have You Seen Any Results Yet?

Less than an hour ago, I would have said no. I just started this website in the last few days. But, I was just informed that Google has found me, and I’ve been Indexed already. So, now I can say yes I have seen results. In less than a week, this program has already helped me get seen by Google. And, to this point I have learned to set up my About Me Post, my Privacy Page, and I can see it all coming together up to where I am right now writing you about my experience. If you are reading this, then that in itself is a result. By the way, thank you for reading this long post.

Are You Recommending Wealthy Affiliate to Me?

No, I’m actually not. I haven’t been with the program long enough to tell you I’m successful. I haven’t been with them long enough to tell you what you could make. I’m not saying this is what you should do in your life. This may not be what you should be doing at all. What drives you may be something entirely different, and that’s okay too. I’m merely showing you what I’m doing in the road to a Blissed Mind. That there is something deep down in our souls that we should be able to do and receive Grace while we are doing it. For me, I believe this it, and I hope you will agree with me on that on down the road. However, if you are looking for something to do in the meantime or need something that costs nothing to very little to get started then by all means, I invite you to join me and we will learn this path together.

You can click this banner to start free training all you need is an email address. No credit card needed, you can jump right in and start taking courses has soon as you sign up.

My Sincerest Thank You!

If you sign up or not does not matter to me. What matters to me is you took the time to read a little more about me. I feel you getting to know me better will start a connection a friendship of sorts to where you will come back often and see what else I’m talking about that may interest you. We are all part of one large consciousness (a union). This is what yoga really is a union with consciousness as one. And, it touches my heart that you have read this far on this post. Please feel free to comment or just say hi in the comment section below. Blessings to you always! See you again in my next post.


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