Let Me Tell You About Trenius Henderson

As many of you know, I’m always exploring YouTube for inspirational, spiritual, and enlightened individuals. When one really grabs me and teaches me something I didn’t think of, or in a way that resonates with me, I just want to share them with you. So without further ado, I’m going to introduce you to someone who may talk your language.

Who is Trenius Henderson?

I can sum up who Trenius Henderson is just in one word. Trenius is “Real“. Maybe you would like to learn more about manifestations and Law of Attraction, but you just can’t get into watching a guru or any of the other teachers because they don’t seem real to you. Well let me tell you, Trenius Henderson is as real as it gets. He is a “normal” guy doing “normal” things, but his message to his audience is way far more than average. Trenius tells you all about the Law of Attraction and much more by living it every day just like you and me. He has his ups and downs just like the rest of us, and he shares his experiences daily to his audience. He really discusses the everyday issues we all experience. He is not a yoga on a mountain top. He is one of us. If you are looking for real, you will find him here. I will show you where to get all of his YouTubes (which he updates all the time always something new). I’ll show you his Facebook group and his website. He is there for you all the time. Give this guy the respect he deserves. I have personally chatted with him myself, and he is very humble and full of gratitude. Let’s dive deeper into Trenius Henderson and experience what he has to offer to the world.



Trenius Henderson’s Background

Trenius Henderson attended the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2010 where he developed his passion for helping people with their personal growth and to equip them with the knowledge that would cultivate their well-being. He is all about sharing and caring.

He is currently a blogger, a life coach, designer, and visual artist. He is also a visionary moving forward in the direction to turn his company, The Living Realm Network (LRN), into a Global corporation to outreach people all over the world. Especially those who ordinarily wouldn’t have a way to the information. Please visit his website, and show him your support by clicking here, The Living Realm Network (LRN).

Trenius’s YouTube Channel

Trenius does a fantastic job on his YouTube Channel. Most videos are relatively short, so you don’t have to worry about starting a lesson or whatever and having to stop in the middle of it. He packs sensible everyday material into a short amount of time and describes what he is talking about in everyday life examples. What he speaks about it, there is no way you can not understand what he is explaining. Unlike most teachers who are using words or methods, that you almost have to be a Guru yourself to get. You will get the light bulb over your head when he speaks. As much as I studied and in-depth, in his simple messages I have told myself DUH! Quite a few times. So, check out this video he did on how manifesting is working behind the scenes. I personally like to call this one Quit Thinking About.


Show Trenius Henderson Some Love and Support

So, if you are tired of being broke, things not going your way, or simply just want more control in your life. I highly recommend you going to his YouTube Channel or clicking subscribe on the video above.

Follow him on Instagram from here: Trenius Henderson Instagram

And of course, Like his Facebook Page: Trenius Henderson’s Facebook Page

I see many great things happening in this young person’s future, and yours too if you give him a chance to help you cope with your everyday world. He is out there, you can connect with him. He is not someone that has a staff answering his emails or doing his post, or even replying on his Facebook. He is real, and you can meet him personally. There aren’t many people out there teachers, guru’s, spiritual leaders that put themselves out there to help people one on one. He is real, understandable, and has passion. Go check him out today.

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