My Experience With Manifestation Magic

I already made a review with Manifestation Magic on the Financially Blissed Mind website, but since Manifestation Magic is relevant to both websites, and I do think it is a wonderful product, I decided to make a small post here as well about it.

Today is my day 5 of Manifestation Magic, It has been a very productive day. My whole house is about perfect now as I’ve actually had the energy to get it all done. Now, it is my work time for both websites. I have so much motivation now, nothing is a dreaded chore anymore. It is amazing when you get those old subconscious blocks out of your head how much more time you have.


Here Are Some of My Experiences With Manifestation Magic

My personal experience with Manifestation Magic is I did not have an increase of wealth in 24 hours, not in the monetary sense anyway. I did have the big green neon sign he talks about at some point.

The first day, I listened to Twilight Manifestation and Daytime Wealth Manifestation along with one of Chakra Meditations I also got with this package. I really had a surge of energy after that and then I was a bit on the giddy side. The frequencies did take me a while to adjust to, and I really did hear the message.

The second day was different however. Days 2 and 3 after listening to it some things in my subconscious I have long forgotten about that was very traumatic in my childhood and adult life all came rushing back to me. It was a very emotional two days, but I knew I had to get this garbage out. I truly believe this program helped this “enlightenment”. It was painful, but very needed. Times I should have cried and let it out in my life but I was too strong to face, I was crying in those two days.

Last night was Day 4. I just listened to the Twilight One because I was starting to get back to my blissed self again. My thoughts were quieting, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself listening to more than one of these. For the first time, I was able to hear the gentleman’s voice louder the frequencies. I could hear what he actually said.

I can’t give any explanation why it affected me in the ways it did. I can tell you something spiritual happened, and my soul had a really deep cleaning. I’m still getting a few memories here and there, but I’m back in my blissful state and I’m seeing signs the wealth aspect of it is working.

I had two people almost signed up under me with the CBD Oil Affiliate Program. They didn’t but they almost did. I’ve gotten more traffic to the site without me having to push to get more traffic. I received an email from GoDaddy about a domain I own that I clearly forgot I had, one I had done nothing with but have had for over three years that it was estimated to be worth $996.00 Now, I have it for sale.

My husband has also been using this program. His awareness and consciousness is more opened up more than ever. He’s more positive even with some really hard life situations he’s in right now his whole perception has changed. He told me not to wait to post on telling everyone about this program. That it is worth every penny.


What is Manifestation Magic?

It is a system that uses frequencies and affirmations combined to speak straight to your subconscious and override our bad programming. All of those blocks, I have spoken about before. It includes several music files you can download or stream and an e book that teaches you how to do it and gives you much more insight on how to get past your blocks.

You can can see bigger more comprehensive list by going to my post on Financially Blissed Mind or by clicking on any of the banners in this post. You can also see my Pro’s and Con’s about this program there.


Using Manifestation Magic

I can guarantee what your result would be, but Alexander Wilson does offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. I encourage you to check out his site, read his guarantee if that is a concern for you, and try Manifestation Magic. It is transforming our lives and I am sure it will transform yours to as long as you listen to the audios and read the e book with an open mind and heart. Click on the banner below to go to your journey of Manifestation Magic. Thank you for being awesome readers, and may you be Blissfully Blessed.


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Sara Storey


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with manifestation magic and it has been a source of inspiration. I have never heard of manifestation magic not until I read this post and your experience has depict a lot about this program and I wish I can also have that experience and I think I will be going for it . Thanks for sharing this information.

    • I wish you the best in all of your life journeys and if you decide to use the program, I wish you much success with it. May you be blissfully blessed.

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience on Manifestation Magic. I think we are all so busy in life and we just forget to be in touch with ourselves and really look in deep on what do we want in life and what is our true happiness. We let all these unnecessary things influenced us and we are stressed from it.

    We live in the culture that do not embrace expressing your emotion (in my opinion). I think it is okay to feel certain emotion and let the other party know that you are not happy with his or her doing.

    I find meditation helps me with my mental health. I was usually distracted by all the devices and gadgets and my focus was so poor. Meditation helps me to find what I am looking for in life and has helped me to set my goal. I also set little goals in a day and I have a checklist. Those little goals are the one that will contribute to my ultimate goal in life which is working from home. I also reward myself when I accomplish those little goals.

    I would like to find out if Manifestation can give me more insights. Will check it out.


    • For me, Manifestation spoke to my subconscious while using frequencies to elevate my vibrations to be able to purge past issues I didn’t realize was still even there. It has helped and is helping clean out my soul so that I may move on with a new me. 

      Thank you for sharing what is helping you, and may you be Blissfully Blessed.

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