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Today’s post is going to contain a lot of information. First of all, I have a gift for you all today. I have a free of charge E book for you to download. No strings attached, yours totally free, and you can ever share it with all your friends and family or do whatever you want to with it. It is yours to keep once you download it.

I am going to make a review of that e-book here, but if you are searching for a Blissed Mind, I highly recommend you downloading it and reading it.

Inside the e-book are links directing you to a website access to tons of information. I will be telling you what all you will get with that access and how much that costs if you are interested. Like I said the e-book is free, and no obligations to even click the links in it if you don’t want to. So let’s get started shall we?

What is Matrix of Reality About?

Matrix of Reality is an e-book written by author Noctis Enoch, it is about 27 pages long, and he offers this e-book free of charge (as I am doing here) I thought the simplest way to tell you what Matrix of Reality is about to post the table of contents here.


Mental Matrix of Reality – World is Simulation

Wherever You Are is The Center of The Universe

Being Enlightened Gets You Everything In Life

True Nature of Money and Its Abundance in Reality

Freeing Yourself to Receive Abundance of Money

Making Money through Sharing of Spiritual Gifts

True Wealth is Created through Value Exchange

Purchasing the Best Things in Life for Yourself

Raise Group Consciousness to Benefit Yourself

Life Manifest by Varying Degrees of Intelligence

Who is Noctis Enoch?

I admit other than his own pages, and Facebook, I can’t find out much information. The same can be said for myself, so I won’t judge that. His Facebook Fan Page has 833,875 Likes and 810,757 Follow. His Facebook page was created on November 25, 2011. Sounds like a pretty good following in my opinion. I can’t wait to have that many fans ๐Ÿ™‚

He is a self-proclaimed author, speaker, Law of Attraction Master, and mind and reality scientist. His faith is Christianity and Universal Laws. His Industry is in metaphysics, spirituality, and personal development. His location is in Singapore.

He also writes under the name Enoch Tan as well.

My Assessment of Matrix of Reality

Sadhguru teaches to neither believe nor not believe anything you have not experienced for yourself. That includes his own teachings. We are to explore for ourselves and find out what we find is Truth. That being said with this assessment, I have looked at this e-book with an open mind and heart and felt it worthy to share to you.

At the same time, I am expected to have an opinion since this is a review for both Matrix of Reality and his program Mind Reality. So, I am breaking it down into two sections for this book. What resonates, and what does not resonate with myself. As I am aware, my readers and visitors come from all faiths and parts of the world. I feel what resonates with me and what doesn’t should not affect rather nor not you read this e-book. As this is just my opinions, and you should form your own. After all it is free, and if you are reading this then I’m assuming you are a seeker.

What Resonates With Me About Matrix of Reality

Enoch’s views on time, space, mind generated world, reality being a mental construct, physics, and many more discussions he presents really resonates with me, and you could say I agree with it (without putting the label that I believe in them). His views on money and abundance seems to be spot on from his opinions about giving back to the universe to his opinions on making money with spirituality and how to attract wealth into your life. I give him kudos to all of those things.

What Does Not Resonate With Me

He calls himself a genius. Well, he could be but I just see that has arrogant. He is very knowledgeable and very intelligent. I’m not sure if that is an arrogant ego or he’s just being honest. Either way, it makes my eyebrows twitch. LOL. He has deep seeded Christian beliefs in some of his other works and his personal Facebook page he is too judgmental on other faiths, which goes against what I teach about not associating yourself with a label. I just choose not to recognize the truths of just one religion. I find truths in all of them, and I think he overuses Christianity in his teachings. Not so much in his free e book, as he has in other of his works. Again, its just an opinion and everyone has one.

A lot of the time he uses the word God, I would have used the word consciousness; however, that is just me being picky. He made a statement “What a woman really wants is an enlightened man” I actually am going to disagree with that statement. It is too broad of statement. If the woman herself is not enlightened, she may be uncomfortable having someone who is enlightened. Relationships can be difficult if the partners are on different frequencies, and if one is enlightened and the other is not. So, I am going to disagree with him on that statement. Yes, I had to be very picky to say what I do not like about this guy. As I said before, everything I disagree with is just opinions so they really have no merit.

So, Are You Ready for Your Free of Charge e-book?

You should see a banner underneath this article. Click on that banner, and it will start an automatic download for your e-book. It will be a PDF. I wanted to put this separately, so you don’t worry that a download is occurring automatically. But, you can get it here. Click on the banner to download Matrix of Reality by Noctis Enoch.

Matrix of Reality

When You Open Matrix to Reality

When you open up Matrix to Reality, you will see links to learn more about the subject matter. Each link will contain my affiliate link to his program. I did think the e-book he gives away was full of very valuable information especially the type that I go over on this website. So, I became an affiliate for his products through Clickbank. So, to save you from going and having to discover what that link is about and what his program that is being offered I am going to tell you right here what it is all about. Of course, you are still very welcomed to click the link and discover for yourself, but you know I want to be as transparent as possible.

When you click on the link, it will give you a product offer of receiving access to the member area of the Mind Reality Website.

What Is The Mind Reality Access?

When your purchase access to his secrets. You will receive access to a website that looks pretty simple at first until you start exploring the links. The links take you to a world of more information, all of which I find very fascinating. I will do my best to tell you everything I found on the website, and I’m sure I’ve missed something has some links are hidden. It is almost a treasure hunt. Okay, maybe my imagination is a bit extreme on that, but the following articles break down what is on his website.

The Reality Creation Secret Book

I have not even begun reading this book yet, but I did get the table contents for you. This is not a tiny e book.

Reality Creation Secret Book


1. Intent creates Coincidences to Fulfill itself

2. Law of Attraction – Having is about Being

3. Emotion is Energy for Manifesting Intention

4. Your Emotional State Affects Your Whole Reality

5. Higher Feelings Manifest your Desires More Freely

6. Positive and Negative Feelings are your Guidance

7. Present Reality is Manifestation of Past Thoughts

8. Outer World is Partial Reflection of Inner World 9. Vibrational Matching requires an Identity Shift

10. Will is Central Key to all Mental Phenomena

11. Awareness locks Reality and Emotion attracts It

12. Free your Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work

13. Convince Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work

14. Taking Action is Part of Manifestation Process

15. Inspired Action with Intent produces Results

16. Taking Positive Action towards your Desires

17. Being In Control of Your Reality At All Times

18. Gratitude attracts More of What you Desire

19. Intend and Act from a Place of Love and not Fear

20. Manifest Desires Freely by Having No Expectations

21. Being Conscious of Miracles Attracts more of Them

22. Doubt is Main Cause of Failure in Anything

23. Fluid Reality allows Change of Past and Future

24. Move into Alternate Reality by Shifting Timelines

25. Change the Past by Altering your Perception of it

26. Law of Probability and Manifestation Success

27. Conflicting Intentions Prevent Desire Manifesting

28. Law of Detachment – Flowing with God

29. Letting Go allows You to Flow in Abundance

30. Detachment allows your Desires to Come to You

31. Be Happy by Being Grateful for Whatever Comes

32. All Factors of Wealth and Reality Creation


Mind Reality Archives

This area opens up to a lot of his past articles that he has written. I’m not sure how his fingers are still attached to his hands to be honest.

1. Top Ten of Best Articles – his opinion of course that they are his best, but they look fascinating

2. 55 Months of articles with most months having at least 7 articles (there are some with less, but most are more)

3. A Link to Encoh’s Secret Research Vault in that Vault is the following:

A) 20 Website links with related material

B) 10 Random Articles (that’s actually the title to that area)

C) Mind Reality Website Recommends list (there are 4 links in there)

Free Newsletter

When you sign up for access to Mind Reality, you will also sign up to his free newsletter. Which you pretty much sign up for if you put your email address anywhere in any of his programs. There’s good information in them, I actually received an offer for another free e-book “a friend of his wrote”. However, some emails are a bit spammy and wants to sell you something else. Which I don’t see anything wrong with, he wrote books and articles and he is selling them. That’s what being a teacher and a writer is all about.

The Mind Power Secrets Package

This is another huge vault of information, and some of it are really helpful to internet marketers as well. He goes into how to make money off the internet and with business in his teleconferences. Here’s everything inside the Mind Power Secrets Package.

1) The 7-Minute System

2) 7 Success Zone Secrets, Power Interview, and Power Articles what is inside that is the following:

A) The 7 Success Zone Secrets Part 1-3

B) Articles to Creating the Life of Your Dreams – 6 articles

C) Discover the Power of honor with Michael Skye- The Skye Interview

D) Amazing Integration with James Ronin the Ronin Interview

3) Monster Money Making Course

A) 10 Week Telecourse

B) 10 Worksheets

4) The Gold Mine Library

A) Golden Money Guide E books

1) Reason-Why Advertising

2) Mind Power in Business and Life

3) Secrets to Attaining Your Desires

4) Make Money Online E-book (got tired of writing so did not open for table of contents)

5) Beyond the Road to Gold

B) Golden Sex Guide E books

1) The Secret of the Erotic Zones

2) Modern Sex Techniques

3) Sexual Magic Revealed

C) Health

1) Self Healing By Thought Force

2) The God Man Seminar


What does Access Cost to Mind Reality?

As you can see, I was serious when I mentioned there’s a ton of information here. The offer page claims its on sale for a limited time, but so does most of Clickbank type sellers they all run a similar format. It’s like As Seen On TV for internet. Just like As Seen on TV there are some awesome products (Oxy clean got its start from As Seen On TV). So, if you overlook the hype advertising, it truly is a good product.

Even though I don’t 100 percent agree with Noctis Enoch (or whatever his name is), I do think this is a lot of content and valuable content for a small amount of money, so how much is it (I know you have been waiting for that):

You can sign up for access for $1.00 after 10 days it becomes $29.95 for 7 payments. After your 7 payments, you have lifetime access. Since this is Clickbank, there is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. I signed up for my dollar, that’s how I knew what all was in here. I didn’t know what to expect. I will say it is worth it, and he breaks it down so its affordable. It is no difference than paying a subscription to anything.

To Sum Everything Up in a Nutshell

Okay, I am honestly tired of typing LOL. As you can see, there are things I really disagree with, with this guy. I’m sure he is writing under a pen name, probably both are pen names and nothing is wrong with that. I do not like some of his judgmental attitude or his arrogance. However, his teachings or perhaps even the teachings combined from other spiritual leaders (like I do here) are in a format where you get all the information or I should say a ton of it, in one location.

He spent hours I am sure writing this information, not to mention the teleconferences. He could sell everything piece by piece, and probably make more money. His e books could be smaller and still sell them at the same price. So, I give it a 4 out of 5 Stars overall. Not a 5 star, simply because of the religious dogma.

So what are you waiting for download, your free e-book. Enjoy a good read for absolutely no cost.


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Sara Storey


  1. Hello Sara,

    This post is awesome. I never know that for me to get wealth I need to free myself and conscience spiritually and wealth will flow in Now I understand that in your post. My friend once told me that wealth is first gotten from the spiritual before it manifests in the physical. Now my question is what do I have to do to get this wealth flood my life. More insight is needed, please.

    • That’s why I shared the free book, it is in there and more. All you have to do is click on the banner, and you will receive the free book. You can also check out several of my other posts on the websites. I have several posts regarding Grace and Abundance, and You are what you think.

      Thank you for your comment, and please don’t hesitate to ask more questions or comment on any post ๐Ÿ™‚

      Be Blissfully Blessed,


  2. I tried to follow the link to the free download, but all it did was take me to another post, no ebook?  Anyway, I can see why you gave a 4 out of 5 stars, just for sheer volume of information if nothing else.  Wow.  I can see why you got tired typing all that information, lol!  It’s a lot.  Did you take a star off because he mentioned God, or does he follow a particular religion that is not your own?  I saw mention of God, but I couldn’t tell if it was relating to a certain religion or a general reference to God?

    • I have no problems with faiths other than mine. I believe there is a God, I believe there is truth in all religions. But, in some of his posts he’s really judgmental against anyone else’s beliefs other than his own. That is the part I have the trouble. In some instances he used the word God, I would have used the word consciousness in relation to what he was discussing (that is just me being nick picky). 

      The link to the e-book is in the banner, I put it in the banners so no one would think they were downloading a virus or anything. I apologize if a regular link in the discussion confused. Could you tell me which one was confusing?

  3. Awesome! I’ve always believed we lived in a matrix of sorts. There’s even a growing amount of scientific evidence out there that seems to support this idea and when you take into consideration all the “strange” things that science itself can’t explain, a reality that we ourselves are generating is the only way it could all make sense. I think there are likely an infinite amount of dimensions, as well. Alternate realities that exist as quantum possibilities, where doppelgangers of each of us exist. That would certainly explain things like deja-vu, spiritual manifestations and the strong convictions of people from different faiths that all claim to have seen evidence for their beliefs. This looks like a very interesting book! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Mark,

      Please come back after you read it, and share you what you think about. I always appreciate your very awakened insights on the posts here. 

      Love and Light


  4. Awesome and unbiased post, Sara. Your analysis is very well in depth, I enjoyed reading it word to word. So you gave 4 out of5 to Enoch, because you disliked his religious dogmas. I would have given 5/5, if this is the case. Because, I believe that we cannot learn spirituality with un-focused mind, learning from everyone, anywhere. Anyways, it’s my perspective. 

    I’m very much looking forward to read your book, that you’ve kept for your readers. I’m glad that I get to know about Enoch and his services through your post. I’ll will surely resonate with him 100%:) 

    Thank a lot for sharing this review. If I like it, I’ll surely contact you back. I wish you the best. 

    • Thank you so much for your insightful comment and compliments. I hope to see what you think about the ebook rather you like it or not, and why.

      Be blissfully blessed


  5. Hi Sara, first of all let me express my happiness in coming across such an awesome article. Your posts deserve to be pondered thoroughly hence I’have book-marked the blog. I shall add my comments about your ebooks later. Thanks and congratulations!

    • Thank you so much for your compliment and comment. I receive it humbly and with gratitude. Looking forward to what you think of the ebook. May you be blissfully blessed ๐Ÿ™‚


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