The Journey Continues to Go Deeper Into the Consciousness

Hi, Again. Today will catch you up on where I am now on the path as a seeker. Sadhguru sometimes jokes around by saying something to the affect of “he’s done his job if he’s left you confused”. Well, I was already confused before I found Sadhguru, and as long as I live, I will always be confused. The journey of a seeker will never be fulfilled, and never should it be.

Who is Sadhguru?

Sadhguru is a business owner, a yogi, a guru, and a mystic. He’s also much more than that, but most of all he’s life and full of life. He shows us how to go to Bliss and be Blissed Out, by being exactly that himself. He’s interesting, inspiring, honest, and very frank. He doesn’t hold back any punches at the same time he doesn’t hold back his love and compassion either. I guess its pretty obvious how much I respect this fragment of consciousness that goes by Sadhguru.

Why Does Sadhguru Want Us to be Confused?

One of the most important lessons Sadhguru talks about is admitting one major aspect about yourself. Realize that unless you have directly personally experienced something yourself, you can’t claim that you know it. You must realize if you don’t know something 100 percent for a fact, then you must admit you don’t know. One should not believe in something they don’t know. They also should not, not believe either. Either you know something or you don’t.

As long as you are in state of I don’t know, then you will be inspired to try to find out. To explore life and seek to find the information you are looking for. This is why he wants you to remain confused. As long as you are confused, then you will have the passion to figure it out.

What Else Does Sadhguru Teach?

Well, first off he doesn’t want to be known as a teacher, and he offers no advice. He simply tells everyone what he has experienced, what worked for him, and what he has learned through his own experiences. But, he covers a number topics anything from Time Travel, Relationships, Yoga, Food, Consciousness, Identity, the Mind, the list goes on and on. I have spent hours upon hours listening to him, and every time I am reminded of something or learn something new.

More Posts Coming Soon

So, even though I caught you up to where I am right now, that does not mean the posts will stop. No, quite the opposite. New content will be added constantly. Our goal is around 5 post a week. So, if you are needing inspired, reminded, or are just now starting your adventure on learning how to obtain a Blissed Mind please check back daily with us. We will be growing and growing as time goes on. Looking forward to seeing you again.

What Should I Do Now?

If you are new in the journey, I would recommend you re-reading the previous posts and the About Me page. Watch Eckhart Tolle’s video, Mooji’s videos and Sadhguru’s video or subscribe to their YouTube channels. Practice realizing who you and who you aren’t. Try to neither see things as good or bad, don’t identify with anything. And, realize how wonderful it was that you woke up today and that you are alive. Be Blessed everyone, until next time.

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