The Path to Bliss fired up in May 2018

Hi Again! Today, I would like to give you a little background onto the path I am on now. But first, I like to say even though I am writing to you, and I like to help you in a direction (the same way a very beautiful Facebook friend had done for me), I admit, I have not reached total blissfulness or the absolute Blissed Mind. I would say, I am about 75% of the way though (that number may be high but I am being positive, so we will go with that). I have my moments and my bad days as life can really test you, but I am sure I don’t have to tell you that. Just ask yourself this “Would you like to be more blissful than you are right now?”. Consider having the majority of your day or even whole days to where you are in a constant state of calm no matter what happens. The directions I’m pointing you to anyone can do with time and awareness. I am determined to make to it to the day when I am in total Bliss like my guru Sadhguru is in, he inspires me to keep seeking and to keep striving.

My Wake Up Call to Reality

As I have said in my About Me post, I was questioning life and everything at a very early age. So, I won’t go into all of that again here. But, 2017 and 2018 were some very trying times for me. I have never been a quitter, not much of a whiner, and was always so dang strong to a fault. People just assumed I was okay, I even thought I was okay until I would have a breakdown. So much was going on out of my control, stuff I had to wait for nothing I had much say on, but affected me directly. I had thought I let go of my control freak ways, and I had but when it came to my own self and my own life, I was not happy that everything was in “limbo land”. I had promised to leave all the gory details out of this website so I will once again spare you from details. I only knew, I had to find some resolve or peace. Then, it happened about the middle of the month in May 2018, a person I am Facebook friends with, but I didn’t know well at the time, made a post on her wall, something to the affect of “If you truly want peace in your life let me know”. So, I did. I private messaged her, and she told me to start with Eckhart Tolle and Mooji that they would not steer me wrong.

Insanity or Trust

When one is on a cliff and someone tells you to jump, you either have to be crazy or trust the person. I felt like I was on a cliff so maybe I was a bit crazy at the moment, okay maybe more than a bit. There was also trust because of her own transparency and openness I felt I could trust her, and I started with Eckhart Tolle. For hours on hours, I listened to him on YouTube every night until I fell asleep. Eckhart is very good start on those seeking peace, calmness, awareness, consciousness, the list goes on and on.

Eckhart Tolle

One very interesting person is a way to describe Eckhart Tolle but very sincere. His main core of teaching is the Power of Now which is living in the very present moment. The present moment is the only true reality. When we replay things in our minds of the past, or we think of the future aka worry about the future, we run scenarios in our heads that seem real to us. It is like when you really get into a movie or show you are watching on television. You know it isn’t happening now, but you mind doesn’t know that, and your body doesn’t know that. When you think of things that happened in the past especially hurtful things you whole body chemistry changes.  Learning how to be in the present moment as life unfolds is essential into getting into a Blissful state. Our memories get us in so much trouble. I will let you see who Tolle is on your own with this video excerpt from his YouTube Channel. You can find him there and subscribe to his channel as well as all over the web if you just search his name. I hope you enjoy this video, as I did.

What’s to Come in My Posts?

I will continue sharing with you other noteworthy spiritual teachers, gurus, books they have written, programs they offer and who knows what. That is my goal and my offering to all of you, is to have one place where you can find the path that best suits you, and who may resonate with you the best. My offering to you is just to point you in the right directions, let you come up with your own conclusions (we will get more into Believing and Not Believing at a later date) and just share what I am learning and feeling as well.

Above All Be Blessed

I would like to end this post by saying if you can not find one thing to be thankful for in your life, I can tell you what it is. If you woke up today (which I’m assuming you did if you are reading this), you can smile and be thankful. There are over 150,000 people in the world die each day. If you woke up today you were blessed, and you have blessed me by reading my post. Have a beautiful day!

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