What Are Essential Oils and What Are They Used For?

This may seem like an unlikely post on Blissed Mind. I flow that way sometimes. I also have started out other posts with the same statement. I promise though after you read it, you will see why it fits for this site. I know many people seeking out a Blissful Mind also use various natural products to help physically and mentally as well so it works. Today, I’m going to introduce you to a company named Rocky Mountain Oils and their products.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are any volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odors. It is usually a very concentrated oil from the plant it is derived from.

What Are Essential Oils Used For?

Essential oils uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments. Among a wide variety of other things. If you would like some more knowledge about the uses and benefits of essential oils, Dr. Axe’s Page has lot of information on the medical and practical uses for them.


Where to Buy Organic Essential Oil?

This is where I would like to introduce you to Rocky Mountain Oil. They have over 188 essential oils and blends! In their essential oil collection, they offer singles, blends, kits, adult roll-ons, and kid-friendly roll-ons!


Why Rocky Mountain Oils?

Eco Friendly Business

At Rocky Mountain Oils, they feel that it is important to protect the earth that provides us with the natural, pure essential oils, as well as the natural products that we love. Some things they are doing to minimize our ecological footprint are:

  • Making sure that all of their shipping boxes and packaging are 100% recycled and recyclable.
  • Using Algae ink on their shipping packaging.
    • Did you know that printing inks are full of potentially harmful ingredients like heavy metals, petroleum products, and toxic solvents? These ingredients are not biodegradable.
    • Algae ink is changing the way printing ink is made. No more synthetic pigments! Algae ink uses algae as pigments for eco-friendly ink products, and it is 100% biodegradable. Check out this link to learn more: https://livingink.co/
  • Maintaining their recycling program.
    • Did you know that Rocky Mountain Oils started the industry’s first bottle recycling program? They recycle all of their used bottles as well as the bottles they receive back in any returns. They will even accept any empty glass essential oil bottles, from any brand, and will properly recycle them.
  • Using recycled paper in their office.
    • Did you know that 50% of the waste that comes from businesses is paper? Paper also accounts for 25% of landfill waste. So what have they done? They have switched their office paper to recycled paper!

A Business That Gives Back To Community

Another great thing that Rocky Mountain Oils do is doing their best to give back to community. In this past year, they have donated to over 30 charitable causes and organizations.

One of the organizations that they have donated to is Operation Underground Railroad. This organization has been around for 4 years and is dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking. They have rescued 1,588 victims and have assisted in the arrests of more than 745 traffickers, which is amazing!

Some additional causes or organizations they have donated to are: Hope Food Pantry of Cedar City, Toys For Tots auction, non-profit schools for children with disabilities, The Honey Pot Children’s Charity, hospital care packages, Ride For Suicide, and many more!

They also participate in yearly food drives with the Utah Food Bank. They have raised 2,048 pounds of food! This is enough food to provide three meals a day for three people for an entire year!

Quality and Testing

They only sell 100% pure and authentic essential oils. Purity and potency are a must. They offer a Certified USDA Organic Line, however all of their oils are sourced with organic practices and have to pass all of their testing in order to be sold. Each and every batch of oil that they offer customers goes through extensive third-party testing to be sure that each batch is 100% pure and potent. The tests that they require for each of their oils are:

  • GC/FID
  • GC/MS
  • Organoleptic
  • Pesticide
  • Microbial
  • Refractive Index


Rocky Mountain Oils is a Company Making a Difference

If you use essential oils already, or would like to give them a try, there are many reasons to try out Rocky Mountain Oils. Far more than I even listed here. They are a company making a difference in their community and the earth, they test all of their products, they offer different recipes on their site for using the product and explain how to use it. So, give the pictures a click and check out for yourself what they are all about. I hope now you can see why this company is a perfect fit on the Blissed Mind website. We love to share organizations that are truly making a difference on the planet. Until Next Time, Be Blissfully Blessed.














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Sara Storey


  1. I got an aromatherapy oil dispersing machine and while I have not used it much I did find the purchase to be worth it and it can be useful when you want to breathe in some nice smells. I really like lavender and lemon as those are probably my favorite essential oils. What are your favorite essential oils and why do you like them so much?

    • I prefer scents like Sandalwood. I love earthy tree scents to put me in a place of feeling I’m in the woods. I really like being in forests and places of nature and Sandalwood is a very pleasant relaxing scent for me. I even use Sandalwood soaps. Thanks for asking.


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