What are the Levels Of Reality?

A lot of people go through life thinking they have a good grasp of what reality is. They think they have their feet planted firmly on the ground and everything is right in their world. This post is going to be about what reality is exactly. Is reality the same for any two of us? We are going to dive into conscious state, subconscious state, how we perceive our own realities, is any reality even real, and can we create our own reality?

What is Your Conscious?

For the sake of this post, I’m referring to the conscious on a more so medical level. I have defined what is consciousness on a previous post. Here, I am referring to your awakened state. Once again medically speaking when your eyes are open and you are not asleep you are said be conscious. Though on a metaphysical level, one might not be.

When you are in conscious state, you are going about your daily life. You know what you do all day, think about for it a minute though. Can you remember everything you did during the day? Sometimes, we are more conscious than others. When you are conscious, you observe everything with your senses. You smell, taste, see, hear and touch. You use your body to get things done, and your mind is very active (sometimes more active than it should be). That is the reality of being conscious. That is one reality of it anyway, as we go on you may find that is not exactly accurate.

Reality in the Subconscious

In my post, Do You Have Repetitive Cycles or Blocks?, we touched on the subconscious mind. In our subconscious, the reality is our past, our thoughts, our fears, and our memories. Even though they are not going on in the present as when we are in a conscious state, they are there. They are a fake reality, but when they come into our conscious reality they play a very crucial role.

Have you ever worried something was going to happen a certain way, because it happened that way before? Only to find out you had nothing to worry about. You caused all that stress to your mind, body, and soul because of a memory. It seemed very real at the time, but then it turned out not to be the case?

What plays out in our minds, can seem incredibly real at the moment. Your body thinks its real. You may get butterflies in your stomach, or even sick to your stomach. Your heart races, you may start to do things in a hurry or recklessly because the state your mind is in. It creates a situation, that seems so real and does affect things that are real. At that period of time, it is real to you.

What We Perceive

There are many factors in what is called perception. Perception is how we perceive things to be. Have you ever heard of a crime or an automobile wreck occurring, and the police interview several witnesses. No two stories are usually a perfect match. Each witness has their own version, they may not even identify the car or whatever is in question the same way. Someone may say it is blue, someone else black, even someone else green. The people interviewed are one hundred percent certain the event happened in the way they described. They aren’t lying, they are just telling the story in their perception.

Something in their mind, adjusted what they saw from some other event in the past with a memory they have had. Perhaps the person who saw a green car was around someone wearing green all day, and that color was in the forefront of their memory. The person who saw a blue car, may have been involved in a wreck previously in a blue car. You have heard the expression my mind played a trick on me. That happens more times than people realize.

We also perceive with our senses. We all have tongues and taste buds, but the food I like may not be the same food you like. So, I think the food is good and you think it is horrible. Does that mean someone’s reality is wrong? I may say something is sour, you may say it is sweet. Does that make someone wrong? No our perception is just different.

If I have a bad memory of someone that looked similar to someone else, and I associate that other person as being a bad person although they never did anything to me. However, I am not consciously judging the person. I am not intentionally thinking that person looks like that bad person I had to deal with. Although, my subconscious is saying hey watch out you can’t trust that person. In reality, is that other person bad because he looks like the bad person? Of course not, but to us the threat is real.

Is Reality Real?

Just from the last three topics, I would say no it is not. I think that reality is different for everyone thus there can’t be any one reality. It is “real” to the individual or a group of people that are experiencing, but that is just it. It is an experience. We can watch a movie on television and know it isn’t real or reality, but we can see real people acting and playing it out. Isn’t thought what life is as well. Just a play as Shakespeare said “The World Is A Stage”. We are all the actors, and someone else’s version of the play may be totally different than ours.


Our Awareness is Creation

So lets take a big dive here into the abyss. What is real then? Ask yourself as I have told you to do before, “Who am I whom is having these thoughts, or whom am I that these thoughts belong to?” That is who is real. You may call it consciousness, soul, awareness, spirit, the list goes on and on but whatever you call it, that is the part of you that is the closest to being more real than anything else.

You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but you know it is there. What it is, is energy itself. Everything is made of this energy, it is just arranged differently in each thing. Even the air you breathe, you can’t see it but you know without it you could not live. So, in essence the only thing that is real is energy and nothingness. Without nothingness energy couldn’t exist.

If energy is the basis of all creation, then that means also our energy from our thoughts can create. Whether we create from our minds or from our soul determines what we create. Which also determines what is real to us.

Is Everyone’s Reality Different?

We each have our own levels of reality, but no two people’s reality are identical. Then I would conclude, that realty is not real. It can only be real to the one that it belongs to. Which, paradoxically means the word real isn’t true to its definition. So, I will leave this for you to decide. Is this post even real? Until next time be blissfully blessed.

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Sara Storey


  1. Beautiful post here. Sometimes i can remember almost everything I do during the day, other times I can only remember some of it the next day, especially when I was focused on one thing or struggling with my thoughts.
    I totally agree with Shakespeare on this quote” The World Is A Stage”. We are all the actors, and someone else’s version of the play may be totally different than ours”. We have different lives and might be in one environment yet having totally different experiences.
    This article is so deep and teaches a lot.

    • Hi Lerakinz,

      I’m glad you enjoyed that post, as it was very enjoyable for me to write. It is deep, and even though I am the writer and it all came from what I already knew, my head was spinning from it. I think realizing that reality is different for everyone also gives us more empathy and compassion for others and gives ourselves more patience in dealing with others. Thank you for your comment.

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