What is the Law of Karma?

Justice - Karma Law

A lot of people feel like they can’t control their life because of Karma and Destiny. Today we are going to discuss what the Law of Karma is, what Karma is, and to overcome Karma in your life. So, we can’t use Karma as an excuse anymore.

The Law of Karma

Most people believe Karma is like a punishing and reward system. You do something good it comes back to you. You do something bad it comes back to you. It’s not entirely that, at the same time some of that is included. I will elaborate.

What is Karma?

Karma means action. Every minute of every day we have action. Those actions give us memory and leaves imprints. Those actions are our Karma. Even actions that we do not do ourselves are part of Karma. Our families, our friends, our past lives, our cell memories, everything we have ever experienced in this lifetime and before simply put are our Karma.

Sounds impossible then, doesn’t it?

On the contrary, once you realize that all of these things are your Karma, then you can start doing something about it. Yep action otherwise known as Karma. Now, that I’m thinking about it like this myself. You can almost say fight fire with fire. Fighting Karma with Karma may be your answer. So whatever you have experienced good or bad, any memories you have had, any influences you have had, this is your Karma. Karma limits your possibilities and limits yourself. Again, I’m sound impossible aren’t I?

Your next step is to break free from Karma. In previous posts, I have mentioned identifying yourself with things or your body or your mind. We tend to identify ourselves and oftentimes use them as excuses in areas such as our parents, our spouses, our money, our homes, our cars the list goes on and on.


Break Free the Chains of Karma

Break Free the Chains of Karma


Breaking Free From Karma

In case you haven’t read my previous post, or it didn’t click, or whatever I’m going to show you who you are. You will have to work with me on this one and follow along and really do it. Okay?

Let’s start with your mind because after all that’s where all the problems are really coming from. Ask yourself is my mind me? Now, think about what the word “my” means. My means something belongs to you. The clothes you are wearing, are they you? No. The computer, tablet, phone whatever you are reading this on, is that you? No, but they yours. So, what I’m saying your mind belongs to you, right? Therefore, it is not you because whatever belongs to you can not be you.

Now, let’s think about how you experience life for a minute. Where do you see these words? If you say on your device, you are wrong. Where do you see the outside world? If you say outside once again you are wrong. If you had any amount of school or learning, you probably know how your eyes work. Light reflection on an object, that light reflects into your eyes, which are then processed to your brain. So where do you see these words again? Inside of you, right? Where do you hear, smell, feel all inside of you. So, Karma is all going on inside of you.

Everything you remember, or your body or mind remembers is all your Karma especially when you identify with it. Some people seem to have hard time knowing what I mean by identifying with it and even after examples I give they still have problems grasping the concept, but I’m going to try my best to explain it here.

Say someone takes a key and scratch your car and let us say even it’s a brand new car. Someone who does not feel like that car is a part of them will still likely get a little upset especially at whoever did it, but it won’t change their blissfulness inside of themselves. You can be annoyed or upset at something but still have complete control over your mood. Have you ever said oh well I’m not going to let it ruin my day if you are having a good day and something goes wrong? Blissfulness is like that all the time.

Now, take that same brand new car and same situation, but instead it happens to someone who feels that car is a part of them. They worked so hard to get that car, it was expensive, it was an obsession to get a car like this. It is their baby. They literally feel like if someone is hurting the car that person is hurting them. That is identifying with the car. Your not going to get just upset, you are going to furious even if it was an accident. You are going to ballistic, you may even cry, kick something. Try to find who did it, go after the person who did it. It will consume your life. That’s identifying.

Another example, I will use is non materialistic. Say one of your parents were abusive or an alcoholic. You may use them has an excuse to be that way as well, or you may have PTSD from something that happened during childhood. You can have a whole number of issues. This is identifying with them and thinking because they were your parents you have someone to blame how you are. When you realize, that your parents aren’t you. When you realize,  you are in the now and what happened was in the past and leave it in the past. It will go a long way to getting rid of that Karma that happened to you in your past.


To Sum Up How to Break Free from Karma and the Karmic Law

Realize that only the present moment is reality. Even though the past may be replaying in your mind, right now is the only thing that is real. Know your mind is not you. You can go back to my post of How to Control Your Thoughts to learn more. Everyone and everything is not you, stop identifying with it. You also need to add get rid of labels, I may go further into this one in the future. When you realize, that when you label things as good or bad, somewhere in your programming you learned what is good or bad. In most everything, in this world there is no good or bad, it just is. When you realize that when you stop labeling, you also break free from a lot of Karmas as well. Once you let go of Karma, then you can quit blaming Karma for your misfortunes. You have control over your own Karma and destiny. Until next time be blissfully blessed.

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