You Are What You Think

Thinking Man Distressed

Most everyone has heard the expression “You are what you eat”, but have you ever thought about “You Are What You Think”?

If You Think You Can You Are Right, If You Think You Can’t You Are Right

When you let your mind do the driving, you are letting it control you. If you think you can or can not do something or you will or won’t succeed, either way you are right. You are letting your thoughts give you your self fulfilled prophecy. Your own destiny is being created by what you think. The decision is yours rather you want to think pleasantly, miserably, or not at all. Let’s first look at pleasantly.

Being Pleasant

Here is where you will probably think I’m going to tell you to have positive thoughts. You may think I’m going to tell you to keep yourself from having negative thoughts. That is NOT what I’m going to tell you. Why? Because if I told you not to think about something, that will be the first thing you will think of. It is like telling someone on a diet not to think about food. That’s the first thing they are going to think of. You probably just instantly thought about food didn’t you?

So, how do you go about being pleasant without having to think about? Millions of things happens to us throughout the day, someone who has no control over their mind react. They don’t respond. We instantly, barf up the programming and what we are used to doing in response to almost every scenario. How to change that? When your mind starts talking a bunch of nonsense or going down a not so pleasant memory lane, simply be aware of it, catch it. Catching it will get easier and easier, as you do it. You don’t have to stop the thought, but instead ask yourself “How is this making me feel?” Ask yourself “Do I want to feel like this or do I want to be pleasant and happy?”. Most, people want to pleasant or happy right? Would you make yourself feel miserable just for the fun of it? At that point, you can choose if you want to keep that thought carrying on or if you want to be pleasant.

When you first start doing this, you may have to give yourself something else to do or think about for a second, or you may just need to laugh at your mind. As I may sound crazy, this is my tactic. When I realize my mind is trying to control me, and there is no reason for me to be getting in a mood because everything is just fine, I laugh. I smile, and I thank creation I’m still alive and nothing is wrong at this moment. It eventually becomes more and more automatic.

You Start To Think Less

People think that thinking is a good thing. It is if it’s related to work or something highly important. However, when thinking is just playing in your mind what could happen or what has happened in the past that is constant mind sewer. It does nothing but distract you and waste your time. If you find yourself stuck in a life cycle that keeps repeating itself, most likely it’s because you keep repeating yourself in thought.

Ferris Wheel Representing Life Cycles

Thoughts Are Real and They Are Powerful

Thoughts are real, they are energy. That energy attracts other things to happen as everything is a part of the consciousness. When you think strongly on things, you create a magnet in sense for the same things to be repeated or at least similar things to be repeated. When you relive what happened to you in the past, even though it isn’t real in this moment your physical body can think it’s reliving it.

I know it sounds contradictory to say, “The only thing that is real is what is happening right now”. I’ve also had said the past is not real and the future is not real. The only thing that is real is this moment. If you are thinking of the past though you are making that real again to you. This is where you have the choice of creating your own reality or destiny. Most people want control of their lives, they want to be happier. This is one of the best keys to get there. You chose your thoughts, therefore you chose your reality (what is real).


Thinking Is An Addiction

I remember one of the first videos I watched was by Eckhart Tolle when he was talking about thinking being an addiction. If you really think about it (yes pun intended), he is right. An addiction is something you generally do out of habit. You aren’t even aware of it. When you become aware of it, then you tend to do less and less of that addiction don’t you? Anyone who is addicted to anything coffee, smoking, eating or whatever knows this to be true. Thinking is no different, and you can think yourself into an abyss. I hope this post helps you be more aware of what you are thinking and helps you on your path to a Blissed Mind. Until next time, be blissfully blessed.

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Sara Storey


  1. This article is fascinating. My son is a tennis player and right now he is overthinking everything. He gets his crystal ball out and worries about the future… then he gets his time turner out and worries about the past… Tennis is a very present game.. its got to be played in the present. I am going to get him to read your article and have a look through your website, think it will really help him…

    But for me, well Im going to be more mindful too, I get cross and stressed in my head about things and you are right, its because Im letting myself get like that. Im going to sign up to your website so I can follow what you are doing, I need to be calmer too. . and want to be.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the article, and I hope it helps both of your. Brightest Blessings and Blissfulness.

  2. Interesting read. I have always read posts about trying to think positive and avoid the negative, which is very difficult to do all the time. I try to be thankful and think of wonderful things that I am lucky to have, and this works better for me.

    I also tend to think of the past but in a good way. You are right to say focus on the present more, which is mindful thinking. I still think it’s great to think back on those wonderful memories that you did make, but steer away from the bad ones.

    Now if you are working towards goals, one would have to focus at some point on the future to a certain extent.

    • Absolutely, you see goals as already manifested in the present moment. Therefore making them real. And good memories are awesome as you relive the good memories and happy times make you physically healthier as well. Unfortunately, the majority of the people focus on the negative, and it is so full of negative they can’t even see the positive. But, with not trying to avoid any thoughts, but just being aware of them one can control how they want to be. Thank you for your beautiful comment. Have a Blissfully Blessed Day.

  3. Thanks for this insight. I was dealing with one of my kids today and she displayed extreme anger, I really was at a loss on how to handle the situation.

    Thankfully, your post has given me insight in managing this. Just like her, we all have to learn to be in control of our mind, and learn how to use it constructively. 

    Thanks for sharing, regards

    • I am pleased this post reached you when you needed it the most. Children learn from us and the responses we give them. I will admit in the past I wasn’t blessed yet in the knowledge I have now. But, life is living lesson. Have a Blissfully Blessed Day and could luck with the children.

  4. What a spot on post. I totally believe that your thinking plays a massive part not only in your mental health but in how your life pans out. If you are constantly indulging in negative self talk you are going to struggle to achieve anything because you are constantly putting yourself down. 

    One of my favourite sayings which my mother always tells me is “Where thought goes energy flows”. 

    I have found that positive affirmations has played a major role in my life the last few years. The more positive I am and the more I trust and believe in myself the better my life becomes.

    • Your mother is very wise. She’s describing Karma in a very easy to understand way. Karma is action, thinking is an action. So ones thoughts is manifesting their Karma. You were very blessed to have a mother who is awakened. Thank you for your very sincere comment and have blissfully blessed and abundant day.

  5. Oh my God! Thank you so dearly for this encouraging article. You don’t know the thinking abyss I have immersed myself for sometimes now. It has really become an addiction for me and has been affecting me so badly. The words in your article are so relieving and life-saving. “You are your thought” is a big fact. Through this, I understand the energy we pull together whether positive or negative when we think. So when we think positively, we herald positive energies and consciousness to ourselves. 

    Thank you so much for this. I’m so grateful.

    • Warms my heart, this post resonates with you. I hope you will check out some of the other post in helping you control your thoughts and finding the light within yourself. I think I do know the thinking abyss you are talking about.. It’s the whole reason I sought out for the spiritual leaders I reference to. I was spiraling so out of control, I knew I had to find a way out. This website is my thank you to the consciousness that allowed me to see mine. May you Be Blissfully Blessed and continue to seek.

  6. I have read your article and I really like your thought, but also I think, as Domenico Dolce says: “The worst times are the best if you think with positive energy”.

    Every time I think positively, I get something very healthy from life.

    The human thinks, it is a fact. But he has the choice to think in a positive or negative way. I choose the positive one regardless of the circumstances.

    • That is my point just said in a different way. For a lot of people it is hard to just think positively but if they are aware of their thoughts and see it has belonging to them, then they can chose to make those thoughts make them feel blissful or miserable. So instead of constantly training yourself to think positive, for a lot of people it is much easier just to simply be aware of these thoughts then they can decide what to do with them. 

  7. Thank you for writing this great and educative post. I’m a negative thinker and I do a lot of thinking. But I just realized that thinking is an addiction. I believe it’s powerful and contains great energy sometimes. I’m definitely going to stop being negative and try my possible best to do positive thinking. Can you kindly give out tips about positive thinking and how to reduce thinking in general?. Thanks

    • I don’t focus much on positive thinking as much as being aware of what you want to accomplish and see it has already accomplished. If you check out some of the other posts on this page, you will find a lot of information on how to break free from Karma (our actions and thoughts are actions too) as well as realizing who you really are. Once you see you aren’t your thoughts but your thoughts belong to you. Just understanding that makes you more aware of when you are going through the thinking rabbit hole. Please check out our other posts in your quest for controlling your thoughts (which there’s a post about that as well). I created links for you to get to them easier. Thank you for your comment and good luck in your journey. May you be Blissfully Blessed!

  8. It is quite a numbers of years when I have heard of Eckhart Tolle and have read one of his books “Practicing the Power of Now”. It did leave an impact on my way of thinking and how I live my life being in the present.

    It wasn’t easy at all, at first, to observe myself in how, when and why I am thinking but it taught me a lot of who I am.

    Creating thoughts deliberately or being exposed to them whenever they like to strike you, is a different matter.

    To this day I practice a way of stillness where I do quiet my mind, keeping the mental chatter at bay.

    I am still far away from being perfect but I am not a victim of my thoughts anymore either.

    Each and every day I am getting better and this is what counts.

    Great article and lots to think “consciously” about. Thank you for sharing!


    • There is no need to be perfect anyway as we live on a planet and with other situations that aren’t perfect. Only thing that matters if we are consciously aware of what we are doing in the moment. That goes a long way of having as much control over our life as possible. Thank you for your beautiful comment, and your light. May you be Blissfully Blessed.

  9. I believe that your website was sent my way today for a reason…. I needed to read what you had to say.. such a serendipitous opportunity .. I have been super stressed, about lots of things, I get cross when I am kept waiting etc etc…. But it also affects my son, who is a tennis player. I cant have that. I am going to get him to read your article.  I have left you a comment on your website. I have never thought that my impatience was my mind taking over me and it wasnt really me and that the feeling I get of impatience can be controlled.. I always thought it was that I was an impatient yorkshirewoman and had to accept it… I am going to look through your website, I think I can learn a lot. 

    • Puts a smile on my face knowing the post helped you today, and I hope you enjoy looking through the site and it helps some more. Thinking of yourself as an impatient person and having to accept it is labeling and identifying with yourself. Consciously acknowledge that there’s something perceiving these thoughts. That conscious awareness, that is aware of what you are thinking, is you. The thoughts belong to you, but what belongs to you can’t be you. When you realize this, there are no limits to who you are πŸ™‚ You are who you want to be. Many blissful blessings to you on your journey of life.

  10. Hmm this is quite an interesting topic. I am a believer of what I think is what I need to do and I will become. But this can have a negative impact when I hit by some ‘crisis’. My mind has gone berserk into thinking too many negative thoughts, and this is certainly bring negative impact in the long run. I agree that thinking itself can be an addiction. Too much thinking about one thing won’t really do me any good, unless I take some actions. This article has opened my mind about my thinking process, so thank you very much for writing this πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Over thinking something and a let down can tend to get off the path we set out for. If we keep the path steady and on even through the downfalls eventually we reach our destination. Thank you for your beautiful comment and have a blissfully blessed day.

  11. I agree, how we feel and how we look at things depend a lot on how we think. We can definitely control our thoughts especially if we are mindful of the present or what is happening at the moment.

    We all have the same experiences somehow, we all have problems, but it all depends on us, if we want to focus on the problem or better, the solution or how we can surpass those challenges.

    We always have a choice to be happy or to be positive about things or challenges.

    And yes, if we believe that we can do something, we can surely do it!

    Nice article, very helpful. 


    • Thank you Marita. Refreshing seeing someone in the now. It’s almost like you want to jump up and down and say hey over here πŸ™‚ You are right on target. Thanks Again Be Blissfully Blessed

  12. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Thinking is of the mind Weather  negative thinking or positive thinking. Mostly every of my thinking became reality, before I knew this I started afraid if thinking negatively. Your life is as a result of your thinking. Wherever your thinking goes, your life goes. 

    Thanks for this educative and informative post,it’s really insightful. Best regards 

    • Feel free to think up some more abundance for you, and I’ll do the same. Consciousness works best when its connected. Yes,  it is better to control your mind than your mind controling you, Be Blessed

  13. Well said Sara,

    Thinking can be our downfall or our greatest asset. If we have a mission, I think we’ll make use of our thinking capabilities to the max to achieve our goals. If there’s nothing important in our lives, we’ll end up using our mind to achieve useless goals like how many cigarettes can we smoke a day, or how many times can we jump on our bed in a minute, you get the idea πŸ˜€

    • LOL yes I do πŸ™‚ At least jumping on the bed is a form of excercise so something healthy comes out of it … bahahahah. I totally agree with you though, I know what you are saying well one of my future posts not sure when yet will be on Devotion. The ultimate mission right there. Once you are devoted its all good from there. 

  14. Hello!

    I have read through your website, and I really like the topic you chose for your content. A lot of times I am blown away by people’s websites, but yours looks especially nice. 

    I am a psychology major, so I understand the importance of thinking the right thoughts. In the past, I struggled with smoking, but then I quit, and I finally overcame the addiction. However, I moved to vaping. So I guess I am still trying to break this habit, but meditation has helped me to stay in a positive mindset.

    I wish you much success,


    • Soon you will find it easier to quit vaping as well. Have you tried the lowering the nicoten amounts in the fluids  method? Don’t know why but something just felt strong about Chocalate with your vapes? Maybe use chocalate flavor. Meditation and Determination you will get there. Much success to you as well. Be Blissfully Blessed.

  15. Hi Sara, thanks for a wonderful article. As I was reading through, I couldn’t help but quite agree with you that we are what we think. Sometimes it is difficult to influence the way one thinks.

    One might advise a friend to think positively instead of thinking miserably, but it is through left for the person to work towards thinking in a pleasant way, although I must say, it is often difficult to think only about pleasant things.

    Thoughts are real and often times what we think and imagined about do come to pass. Thanks for a thought-provoking article.

    • Thanks for your comment Gracen. It is even more than just thinking pleasant things, its a control of the inner feeling. One can feel bliss during the most horrible situation. It doesn’t mean that they are happy either. It just means they are awake, aware, and their moods or emotions aren’t getting changed by what is going around them, at the same time with their blissful state takes a bad situation an typicaly find ways to change it rather than say complain about it. I hope that makes sense, I’ve had an exhausting day, a very good day, just busy and I’m tired (not a complaint) Be Blissfully Blessed,

  16. This post is really helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing this article on you are what you think. This article is really an eye opener to see the fact that no point in still living in the past. There is a  saying that when we hold too tightly to the past, we have no hands to welcome the future. Some times I keep thinking about what I should have achieved but I try immediately to come out of it and know that moving forward and not giving up is the key to a successful life. Keep pushing and pushing be we are the product of our thoughts. Thanks for this inspiring article. 

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I really like that saying you just said “when we hold too tightly to the past, we have no hands to welcome the future” I REALLY like that. Again thanks for your kind words with complete gratitude. May you be blissfully blissed.

  17. I literally said this exact thing years ago when I was in grade 6 on the school basketball team. I told someone who was missing a bunch of shots “whether you say that you are, or say that you aren’t, you’re probably right”. Sure enough, when I told him to start saying ‘I will hit this shot” he hit like 3 in a row. This is such a true saying. The mind is so powerful, you need to know what works for you to use it to your advantage! What’s your favourite part of the quote mentioned?

    • Good for you I hope the person you told that took that has a life lesson. Well by either scenerio will be happening, it is comforting to know that we control more destiny than we don’t. If you are right either way, then why not think the way you want it to happen. People constantly tell themselves all the time the negative of what could happen. Well either good, so why focus on the negative side, why not focus on positive side.

  18. What an interesting point of view. I do agree some pediatricians do not tell the little kids before giving the shots that it will sting or else the kids will just keep thinking about it and will refuse to get the shot, same theory as yours. I think we definitely can train our minds to be positive and eventually it will become a habit, hopefully it will turn out to be a good kind of addiction lol What I usually do is when I am restless or unhappy, I will write all my feelings down on a piece of paper. It is a form of stress relief for me. I even go through the list of my feelings as well if there is something that I can do differently to solve it. If I realize that it is something that I cannot fix, I usually just tell myself that it is ok at least I get to complain about it to a piece of paper. It works for me, maybe you can give it a try πŸ™‚

    • Well i used to do similiar stuff and burn it so it will just go away, that was quite symbolic. But, anymore I just stop myself and meditate if I see thoughts are rushing through my head they don’t last long anymore. I feel by writing it down it gives the negative power. Because thoughts are things and writing them down puts them in action. but, if it works for you then who am I to say you shouldn’t do it.. May you be blissfully blessed.

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